Bethel has plenty of opportunities for members to get involved and do all that needs to be done, so we can proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to the world.

If you are looking for ways to contribute your time, talents, and treasures to help us proclaim the Gospel, we welcome you to join us in any of the activities below.


Proclaiming the Gospel

Feeding the Lord’s Lambs

  • Altarware Service
  • Board of Education
  • Audio and Video Management
  • Sunday School Superintendent
  • Bulletin Folders
  • Sunday School Teachers, Substitutes and Helpers
  • Bible study setup and take down
  • VBS Teachers and Helpers
  • Serving Great Plains Lutheran High School Leadership
  • Instrumentalists
  • Greeters
  • Organists
  • Elders Leadership
  • Service Ushers

Providing for Others

Maintaining the Lord’s House

  • Naomi Guild
  • Lawn and Landscaping Caretakers
  • Meal Preparation and Service
  • Church Decorators
  • Church and School Cleaners

Administration of the Lord’s House

  • Church and School Administrative Staff
  • Church Council Members



If you have questions about where you may fit in, please contact us.