We warmly welcome you to Bethel Lutheran Church and School, a place where God dwells through his Word and brings life-c
hanging blessings. Please take a look around our site. Better yet, contact us with questions or join us for worship. We would be happy to share the love of Jesus with you.

"How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven!" -- Genesis 28:17

These words were spoken by the Bibical patriarch, Jacob. He was describing the place where God had visited him during the night. Jacob gave a nam
e to this "house of God;" he called it "Bethel."

Bethel Lutheran Church and School is a place where God does indeed dwell--through his Word and Sacraments. It is in his Word, the Bible, that we find the inspired and inerrant Word of God through which God himself speaks to us and works within us by his Spirit. It is in his Word that we find the message of a God who loves us so much that he sent his son, Jesus, to die for our sins. It is in his Word that we hear of the forgiveness of sins that brings true peace for our lives. It is through this Word that the Holy Spirit creates, sustains, and strengthens faith in Jesus that is freely rewarded with an eternity with our loving Father in heaven.  

At Bethel we see 
God do this as He preaches to us about Jesus, as He washes us in the blood of Christ in Baptism, and as He feeds us upon the very body and blood of His Son, given and shed for us for the forgiveness of our sins!  House of God indeed!  The very gate of heaven!

This is the Word that is preached in Bethel Lutheran Church and taught in Bethel Lutheran School. It holds power to transform lives from uncertainty, guilt, and fear to peace, joy, and love. Please, join us as we grow in this Word at Bethel--"the house of God."

What Bethel Offers:

  • A church where God's Word is taught in its truth and purity and where sinners are convinced of God's love and forgiveness by the Gospel
  • An accredited Christian school where children are equipped for this life and the next
  • Auxiliary programs and groups such as Bible studies, Bible information courses, and the Naomi Guild
  • A warm and welcoming environment made up of people motivated by God's love to serve others

Bethel Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and, as such, adheres to the Bible as inspired by God and the one true rule, source, and norm of our doctrine.  

We also confess our faith according to the Lutheran confessions known as the Book of Concord, because it faithfully  and accurately witnesses and testifies to the teachings of Scripture.